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a.       Contacts Management:

Manage personal and business contact information, including addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses

b.    Assets Management

Track office assets and other appreciable items. Information includes asset category, serial number, and purchase date.

c.     Content Management

Collect and organize documents, music, images, and more.

d.    Invoices Management

Recording product and customer details; create, manage, and print customized invoices for every order.

e.     Inventory Management

Manage inventory levels of products and supplies. Track category, value, last order date, and more.

f.      Tasks Management

Track simple tasks, status, and due dates associated with any undertaking.

g.    Projects management

Organize project details and assign tasks to owners. Manage progress, due dates, and more.

h.    Estimates and Quotes

Track quotes for products and services. Easily print or email estimates.

i.      Resource Scheduling

Manage resources for projects such as people, equipment, materials, and locations.

j.      Meetings management

Organize meeting notes, assign action items and follow up on due dates.

k.     Expense Reports

Calculate and report reimbursable expenses. Check approval status and compile reports.

l.      Event Management

Manage event details, guest lists, and agenda. Great for fundraisers, seminars, or trade shows.

m.   Product Catalog

Store and organize product information such as serial numbers, prices, and photos of products.

n.    Personnel Records

Manage employee data such as hire date, salary, manager, and review dates.

o.    Time Billing

Calculate hours worked, billed, and rate for each employee each week.

p.    Research Notes

Collect, organize, and reference research and field notes.

q.    Auditor

Auditor for iPad is a simple and intuitive audit/checklist tool for businesses that organizes all of your audit information in one place.

Example uses include:

·         Health and safety checklists

·         Home inspections

·         Compliance Records